Summer in Kerala

While comparing with other states in India Kerala are having unique weather conditions with especially notable equilibrium. The Climate in Kerala is very pleasant in almost 90% of the year. Even though Kerala lies closer to the equator, Kerala is bestowed with a pleasant and equable climate because of the land's nearness to the sea and the presence of the fort like Western Ghats on the east.
Western Ghats which prevents the dry winds entering the land which is blowing from the north otherwise Kerala would have been a dry land. The temperature in Kerala normally ranges from 28� to 32� C (82� to 90� F) on the plains but drops to about 20� C (68� F) in the highlands.
Kerala receives rain fall (average 3000 mm a year) each year totally from the Monsoon and from the Summer Rain. The Highlands of Kerala, which is an area of major tourist attraction, enjoys a cool and invigorating climate the year-round.
Owing to its diversity in geographical features, the climatic condition in Kerala is diverse. It is divided into 4 seasons - winter, summer, South-West Monsoon and North-East Monsoon.
In earlier days the tourism in Kerala was mainly winter season. But tourists are flowing to Kerala immaterial of season since it has the diversity in geographical features. Each season has its own unique ambience.
Summer in Kerala: By the end of February the summer season get starts and the temperature starts climbing. Relatively higher temperature, slightly humid and low rainfall are the characteristics of the summer season in Kerala. While other states in India burn over 40�C, summer in Kerala is cool and pleasant. Kerala should thank the Western Ghats which prevent the dry northern winds from entering the state and the Arabian sea for the cool breeze that blows towards the land providing it with a moderate temperature.
Another feature of the season is the erratic rains accompanied by lightening and thunder. Starting from March, summer season continues till the end of May or the beginning of June and is concluded with the outset of monsoons.
Summer Tours in Kerala offers a pleasant respite from the generally warm and humid summers. A houseboat cruise on the Kerala backwaters, the beauty of the sunset over the horizon from the Kovalam beach, boating on the Thekkady lake, trekking the Kerala Highlands, are the best ways to enjoy the summers in Kerala. It is also ideal to spend a week or a month in Munnar as your Summer House Stay in Cool Climate and very close to the Nature. Kerala will make your summer holiday in Kerala unforgettable. 

by Shahid